KR Dance was opened in January 2008 by Kerrie Bates.

Kerrie started her dance training in Taree at the tender age of six where she studied ballet (BBO), tap (LGTDA) & jazz. She moved to Sydney to continue her training under some of Australia’s best choreographers where she  completed her diploma at Brent Street Performing Arts.

Fulfilling her dream to dance she embarked on an international professional dance career which spanned ten years. She spent five of these years working for U.S. companies where she became a leading Dance Captain & Cast Manager for cruise ship operations.

After travelling the world she continued her journey in dance; and with a passion to   inspire others Kerrie  undertook the steps to pass on her wealth of  knowledge to the next generation of  future dancers. So, she spent five years being a  freelance dance teacher working for some of Sydney’s best dance schools where she taught BBO and RAD ballet, jazz/funk, contemporary and tap. She has gained the British Ballet Organization and LGTDA teaching certificates and is a member of the Glenn Wood Tap.

KR Dance provides students with the correct training from pre-school to advanced levels. She has made it her number one priority to continually evolve with the most updated and modern styles of dance training available.

Dance education is not simply technique. A students dance experience creates and     enhances self esteem, confidence, discipline and a sense of purpose.

Whether it’s for fun or for the more dedicated dancer, KR Dance teaches your child the skills that last a lifetime.