Ballet is a centuries old art form which still continues to grace the world stages of today. It is the base of all dance styles. The discipline, technique and strength is not only an important part of a dancers ballet training,  it also develops their posture, lines and improves the skills required in all other   areas of dance.

ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dance) is the syllabus taught at KR Dance. The ATOD is recognized Australia-wide as one of the most prestigious dance societies offering training and examinations in classical ballet. The syllabus starts at pre-primary and carries the student’s training through to advanced levels.



Contemporary dance is the exploration of the total movement potential of the body. It differs from commercial or competitive dance in that it is not bound by set standards, as well as defined styles such as ballet or Jazz dance. It seeks to express a personalized vision, often through experimentation and collaboration for the development of new, more individualized approaches to the moving body and choreographic possibilities.


Tap is a unique form of dance incorporating fast footwork, coordination and musicality. Whether it be the grace and style of Astaire or the updated groove of modern tap; it is sure to add versatility to a dancers training.

The GWT (Glenn Wood Tap) style of dance is what we teach. It is fast and rhythmic and challenges dancers with interesting combinations and routines which are       enjoyable to learn and exiting to perform. GWT is founded on solid tap  technique which sets it apart from other tap syllabus’. The programme starts at beginner level and goes all the way through to higher grades.

GWT is just what the tap world has been craving for so long. It is the tap of all tap!


Commercial jazz has many flavours & styles. KR Dance coordinates the different styles to suit the level and age of it’s students. A fun and energetic jazz class is offered at the school as well as Performance Jazz classes for the more serious student.


This fun & energetic  programme has been carefully created for pre-schoolers aged 3-5 years old. It allows them to explore mime, rhythm  and coordination. The program involves an introduction to ballet, jazz and tap and allows the young student to participle in different styles of dance early on all in the one class.

Fun themes and games are used to  inspire the youngsters to take their first  steps; and combined with innovative music your child will learn gentle, flowing steps to more energetic, sharp movements that will be important for their progression through dance. It will teach the children rhythm and coordination whilst having fun making different sounds with their feet.

This class will enable your child to make that important connection between rhythm & dance.